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ACTION© Centurian Cushion

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Product Code: SMMC0290

  • Offers comfort, basic pressure care and shear reduction for low risk users 
  • Combination of 13mm AKTON® polymer gel and 44mm of foam
  • AKTON® polymer helps promote even pressure distribution while foam provides additional comfort
  • AKTON® polymer, unlike fluid gel, does not displace from areas requiring pressure relief
  • Isolates and protects areas where shear forces and pressure points are prevalent
  • AKTON® polymer provides significant shock, vibration and impact absorption
  • Pad does not promote bacterial growth, making it ideal for multi-client use
  • Pad is sealed by a waterproof film within a breathable cover and non-slip base
  • Depth: 57mm
  • Max User Weight: 110kg

Sizes Available:
Code: AK8500 - 41 x 41cm
Code: AK8505 - 46 x 41cm
Code: AK8508 - 46 x 46cm
Code: SMMC0330 - 50 x 46cm


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