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Mobile Bath Lift System


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Product Code: TR9650

  • A Mobile Bath Lift System is designed to easily convert into different configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs for patients and residents in both the acute and long term care environments.
  • Foot operated and height adjustable enables the attendant to find the most efficient and convenient working height and gives the attendant both hands free to tend to the patient
  • Seating and stretcher surfaces made of a soft, durable water absorbent material which makes it easy to clean, maintain and is very comfortable to sit and lay on
  • Removable side parts provide a simple configuration from chair to stretcher
  • The safety arm support in both the chair and stretcher configurations can be folded away for easy access and moved back once the resident is in position.
  • The leg configuration is designed for easy approach onto the chair and stretcher
  • A low chassis is designed for easy access under beds and baths
  • A safety stop engages automatically if the chair or stretcher is lowered onto any surfaces or obstacles
  • An integral autostop ensures that the seat and stretcher cannot drop should the belt fail
  • Magnetic battery charger connection designed to prevent damage when charging
  • Audible low battery tone
  • Ready for use after unpacking and comes complete with battery charger and safety belts
  • Can be used together with almost all supine bath tubs and therapy. An optional spacer can bepurchased for changing or improving the location of the bath lift into the tub
  • Additional features include foot activated emergency stop, high capacity rechargeable batteries and both locking and straight steering large castors

Operating Height Range:
200 - 965 mm
SWL: 150kg
Battery: Rechargeable, 24 V

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